". . . the stories we tell ourselves sometimes work, sometimes don't, but always define us."

Rebecca Piatt Davidson

The Book

A few years ago, I began receiving treatment for mental health issues that had affected me since I was a young child.  Seeking help frightened me; the idea of not getting help frightened me worse.  But I was blessed:  the right doctor and the right medication literally transformed my life.  However, getting my life under control did not prepare me on any level for my son’s brush with drugs, an episode that lasted for close to two years and from which he emerged finally—miraculously—whole and fully recovered.  Yet had I not gotten myself back, I don’t know that I could have gotten him back.  Shades of Manic  weaves together not only our tales of recovery but also our counterstories:  new self narratives that have allowed us to reconfigure our notions about who we are and what each of us is capable of accomplishing.

The Blog

Weigh in regularly with me as I explore life in the manic lane, which can mean all kinds of things depending on where you’re coming from.  I plan to talk about anything and everthing that intersects with the life/health of the mind.  One day it might be family; another, poetry; another, the ocean and why I wish I were a mermaid.  Whether you’re manic, depressed, or anywhere in between; whether you’re medicated or unmedicated; whether you’re dealing with an addiction or with someone who’s an addict . . . whatever your life looks like, check in with me.  I’ll be honored to have you join the readership and comment on the “Shades” Blog.

The Community

Wanting to bring your voices and stories together, I have created an online community called “Shades.”  If you are yearning to ask questions, listen in, or, more particularly, share your own stories/counterstories, join the Community, where you can weigh in on what your struggles have been and how you are moving forward in productive and healthy ways, re-writing who you are and finding empowerment in the process.  “Shades” thus becomes a place for sharing and gathering material as a prelude to taking meaningful personal action and storing up faith against the day it’s needed.